10 EUR Free credit to try - just register and you receive 10 EUR calling credit


  • Cheap tariffs
  • No obligations, no contract to sign, just refill
  • No installation, use your existing Lattelecom phone
  • Invoice for your accounting, monthly call report
  • Tariff and balance announcement

Simple:  Just add "1030" in front of every foreign number

For example to dial to Germany: 1030 00 49 40  78463778

Register now and get 10 EUR

To use Prefix 1030, please send us your company details with the form below. We will then activate your company for Prefix 1030 and credit your account with 10 EUR. You can stop using the service at any time, without further information. 
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, Tel.: 67651010, 
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