Cloud Call Center is a software package that automatically calls to customers.

  • Unlimited calling capacity
  • Cloud based, no hardware investment
  • Inbound campaigns
  • Outbound predictive dialer, reduce staff doing nothing


Call thousands of contacts with minimal staff


Cloud Call Center is an automatic dialer that is hosted in our datacenter and is accessable through the Internet. When a customer picks up the phone the call is connected to an available sales agent. This strategy minimizes telecommunication costs and saves the time of sales agents because they can speak on the phone all the time. No time is wasted on dialing to clients who are not available, whose phone is busy etc.

The system automatically dials batches of telephone numbers of clients. Thus the possibility minimizes telecommunication costs and saves time of sales agents, as they can speak on the phone all the time. The predictive dialer exhibits predictive behavior because its dialing algorithm produces more call attempts (dials) than the number of agents currently logged in and available to handle calls.

If a system has 100 agents working on it, the dialer will dial a number of calls sometimes crudely based on a phone line to agent ratio of, for example, 2:1. This means that for each available agent, the system will dial the phone numbers of two potential customers. As these calls are made to the telephone network, the dialer will monitor each call and determine what the outcome of the call was. From 200 calls made, the system will immediately strip out any unproductive outcomes, such as busy calls (these are usually queued for automatic redial), no answers and invalid numbers. Predictive dialers incorporate also "answering machine detection", which tries to determine if a live person or answering machine picked up the phone. This is one cause of the typical delays that one may experience before being connected to an agent. To minimize the delay until an agent answers a call a maximum wait time of typically 5 seconds is used. The system monitors how many calls are dropped, because the called person had to wait longer than 5 seconds. If the percentage of dropped calls exceeds a pre – defined limit, typically 2 – 3 %, then system reduces the number of outgoing calls.

There is also the ability to allow for Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications interacting with customers' calls. Cloud Call Center agent screen is basically an interactive web page. It allows the agent to interface with the dialer during the process of a call and do things such as add or modify information about the customer, conference in other parties, transfer the call, record and many other functions necessary in a call center.

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